Zinc gluconate granules

  • Into a each containing zinc gluconate 35 mg of zinc (the equivalent of 5 mg), auxiliary materials for sucrose, oral glucose, lactic acid, malic acid.

    sex form this product is a yellow particles; Taste sweet, slightly astringent.

    action category this product is a mineral kind of over-the-counter medicines.

    "Adapt to disease" for the treatment of zinc deficiency caused by malnutrition, anorexia, pica, canker sores, acne, growth retardation in children, etc.

    Each containing zinc gluconate gauge case 35 mg (in zinc 5 mg).

    usage and dosage oral. Warm water blunt. Children and adults over 12 years of age, 2 packages at a time, 2 times a day. Or as directed by physician.

    Children under the age of 12 daily dosage of see the table below:

    Age (years old) standard weight (kg) dosage usage (bag)

    1-6 10 to 21 1

    7-9 22-27 2

    10-12 to 28-32 3

    Can be divided into time.

    side effect have a mild digestive tract reactions such as nausea, vomiting, constipation.

    Reading is only for medical pharmaceutical professionals, please refer to the instructions.

    "Forbidden" is unclear.

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